Success stories

As a general principle, we don't share any of our clients' information — even that they use Collector Systems. But some of our customers have been so enthusiastic about our platform that they've volunteered their own stories.


“It's a partnership more than it’s just simply a product.”

Steve Holmes, the Cartin Collection

Collector Systems has been a superb and superior collaborator. Eric Kahan and his staff have responded swiftly and efficiently to our many requests. We are not only satisfied, we are ecstatic in having chosen Collector Systems.

Peter J. Johnson Associate, David Rockefeller

A dynamic collection management tool that Sotheby’s recommends to its clients – I have used it myself for the last year and could not be more pleased.

Benjamin Doller EVP and Chairman, Sotheby’s

Collector Systems has our vote for the most elegant asset management system. The offline/online accessibility with smartphone and tablet apps means Collector Systems fits into your life, not the other way around. Just as it should be. And as appraisers, we are impressed with their integration of USPAP compliant reports.

Pall Mall Art Advisors

What gives this company an edge is their staff. Dedicated support staff are always accessible and answer my questions in a comprehensible manner. Although all inquires could easily be resolved with a phone call, I recently called to request a meeting and they were all too happy to make the time to see me. Kudos.

Maryanna Vermonte Leon Polk Smith Foundation

“The program is so perfect.”

Maura Kehoe Collins, Art Collections Manager

As a fine art and decorative art appraiser, my clients have large and complex collections, often in multiple locations and spanning many categories of objects. I never hesitate to implement Collector Systems for my clients wishing to digitize and manage their collection. It is intuitive and simple to use, yet so comprehensive that you could not ever need a single other tool to stay organized. The iPad app is great for access at storage facilities or on-site meetings.

Danielle Rahm Director, New York Fine Art Appraisers

The Art Appraisal Firm recommends Collector Systems as a solution for both our clients and for appraisers. This cloud-based system gives the owner complete and immediate control to link, organize and track unlimited object-specific data, including value, location, exhibition loan, provenance, condition, and more. Clients and appraisers love that they can access and edit information from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Collector Systems is an intuitive program with unparalleled customer support.

Cindy Rosenberg Art Appraisal Firm LLC

LINN PRESS art advisory services did an exhaustive cost/benefit analysis of the six top systems available. We “test drove” two cloud-based database systems. Collector Systems was unquestionably the most robust system on the market. The CS team continues to update and refine their system without any interruption in service or reliability. It enables our clients and us to manage diverse collections effectively, while having the peace of mind that there are multiple strategic data back-up sites. Collector Systems is exceptional art database technology.

Clayton Press and Gregory Linn LINN PRESS

The Stearns History Museum was using an antiquated collections software. The software systems that staff looked at required a server and were way too expensive. We connected with Collector Systems at an AAM Annual meeting. With cloud-based software we can access the data from any computer, search for our data effortlessly and keep expanding without running out of space. The iPhone and iPad apps are a great asset at our remote collections storage. Collector Systems is awesome to work with and they provide great support.

Adam Stearns Stearns History Museum

“Wow, it's truly amazing.”

Beth Feely, Art Collections Manager