Go above and beyond.

No matter your role – art advisor, museum curator, private collection manager – you want the best tools and data security for your collection. That’s where we come in.

Collector Systems provides centrally-accessible collections management, with a full suite of features and personalized support from a staff of New York-based registrars; all with the highest standards of security to ensure your privacy.

A few of our great features.

Collector Systems makes collection management easy.

All Collector Systems accounts include free automatic updates, dedicated client support, and the most advanced cloud-based technologies protecting the privacy and security of client data.

Know where your objects are at all times.

  • Make your records precise by adding location levels to record the exact floor, room, or shelf in simple language.
  • Date and time stamp all location updates for accurate logs and chronological location histories for each item.
  • Moving more than one item? Use the batch update tool to simply and efficiently update the location of multiple objects in single step.

Capture detailed condition and conservation data.

  • Maintain a full condition and conservation history for all objects in your collection in one place. Add condition or treatment priority ratings to help with the day-to-day management of the collection.
  • Add images and associated documents to each condition or conservation record. Use the built-in image editor to annotate condition images for additional detail.
  • Create custom condition reports using the built-in report generator. Insert multiple images into all reports to highlight specific condition concerns or conservation techniques.

Print beautiful catalog sheets with large images, or run lists for an inventory report.

  • User our pre-set templates to easily generate a standard report, or create a custom document to meet your needs.
  • Additional reports are available for each of your collection management needs, including Shipment, Loan, Condition, and Insurance reports.
  • Work with our Support team to build custom reports and take advantage of the full suite of reporting tools: build condition reports with detailed images, draft loan agreements with cover sheets and addenda, full financial reviews with subtotals by location or ownership, and much more.

Revolutionize how you manage your collection assets with our comprehensive suite of financial tools.

  • Record all financial information for each object, including acquisition costs, expenses, appraisal, and sale information. Built-in tools streamline financial data entry and review, making your work easy and accurate.
  • The Trends tab provides a financial summary for your collection. All information is updated in real time and displayed in interactive charts and graphs.
  • Create custom, purpose-built reports for all financial data. Produce annual financial overviews, replicate insurance schedule documents, and generate USPAP-compliant appraisal reports.

Cloud-based convenience

Never install an update! With no software to download, the only requirement to run Collector Systems is an internet browser. Get up and running in minutes, and collaborate from any location.

Best-in-class security

Our servers boast the highest level of security, with two-form authentication, 256-bit SSL certificates, government-level protocols — and scheduled backups to boot.

Mobile apps for iPhone & iPad

Our seamless iOS apps allow you to streamline your work flow and manage your collection from any location with an internet connection.

Granular Permissions Controls

Account Administrators can define the access level and permissions for every user on the account, with controls based on data type, editing ability, and access to specific objects.

Superior customer support

From our office in Tribeca, Manhattan, we are available at all times should you need assistance with the Collector Systems platform.

Conversion services

We even offer white-glove migration services. Our team of registrars will ensure your existing data is perfectly preserved and more accessible than ever. Contact us to learn more.