Collector Plus makes it easy to catalogue all your fine art, jewelry, antiques, books, and more. A subscription to Collector Plus gives instant access to powerful features that will make managing any collection a snap.

  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited storage for images and documents
  • Mobile apps available to access your collection anytime, anywhere
  • Create groups of objects for quick reference later
  • Share your collection with others using the Gallery feature

Collector Plus
$85 per user

Monthly subscription

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Track all current and past loans and exhibitions for every object in the collection. Easily view all objects for an exhibition or loan, attach documentation, and record all related details.


Track upcoming shipments, attach waybills, and record the location and contact for every shipment. Add the shipment to the Calendar, set a reminder, and never miss a delivery.


The calendar records all events related to the collection. View and manage loans, shipments, exhibitions, and more. Add calendar invites and reminders – never miss an event again.


Manage your address book using the Contacts feature. Link vendors, institutions, and clients to various events. Simply click on a contact to view all associated expenses, acquisitions, and more.

Comprehensive Financials

We make it simple to track every financial aspect of a collection. Include detailed records for the acquisition, valuation, insurance, and sale of an item. Upload a copy of your insurance policy to the securest place possible – your Collector Systems account.


Create a public (or private) specialized display area for highlighting collections without requiring users to log in to the management system. Present their information in detail, including multiple images.


Our RESTful JSON API allows you to push your collection information to your own public websites, apps, and social media. Develop your own custom design to display and share your collection. Please contact us for more information.


Managing a large collection? Save time by importing hundreds of object records and images at once. We provide easy-to-use templates for starting your collection. Or, take advantage of our data migration services and we will create your account for you.