Keep track of a nearly infinite amount of information.

The finest collection management solution for museums, historic houses, and archives.

  • Over 1000 specialized data fields, including treatment for fine art, historical and archival collections
  • Hierarchical record types for collections of archaeology, biology, geology, ethnology and paleontology
  • Record historic and current exhibitions and loans
  • Easily customize and print reports
  • Know the precise location of everything in your collection
  • Built-in barcode support
  • Automatic daily backups of all your information

$85 per user

Monthly subscription

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Built-in access to Chenall’s Nomenclature 4.0, ITIS, Getty AAT and ULAN. Introduction of specialist lexicons including Paleobiology DB, GCMS, OBIS, SESAR, ZooBank, ASMIS and GDB.


Create a public (or private) specialized display area for highlighting collections without requiring users to log in to the management system. Present their information in detail, including multiple images.

Exhibition Histories

Use the built-in workflow tools to plan and curate exhibitions at every stage. Easily share ideas with colleagues, request loans, track shipments, and more.


Our RESTful JSON API allows you to push your collection information to your own public websites, apps, and social media. Develop your own custom design to display and share your collection. Please contact us for more information.


We make it simple to track every financial aspect of a collection. Include detailed records for the acquisition, valuation, insurance, and sale of an item. Upload a copy of your insurance policy to the securest place possible – your Collector Systems account.


Ask us about adding environmental sensors to your facility to provide accurate up-to-the-minute readings and alerts. Monitor exhibition spaces, storage rooms, and work spaces to ensure the highest level of care for the collection.


Moving from an older system? Let our team of registrars do the data migration for you. We’ll extract your data from the old system and populate your new account with a clean set of information, including documents and images.


We’re here to help with all your registrarial needs. Whether you’re looking for in-depth support on a specific project, or just have a question, our team of professional registrars is available by phone and email.