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CS Shipper is the cloud-based system for managing shipping and storage companies.

  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • Easily customize and print reports
  • Automatic daily backups of all your information
  • Mobile apps available to access your collection anytime, anywhere
  • Know the precise location of every item in the collection

$150 per user

Monthly subscription

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Manage multiple sub-collections without co-mingling data. With multi-subscription access, you can simply login once and have access to all your clients’ information. Search across all subscriptions is also available to ensure that you can retrieve the information you need when you need it.


5GB of disk space is included, allowing you to upload an enormous number of images and documents — dozens per item. Supplementary storage is available for an additional charge.


Keeping track of your collection has never been easier with infinite locations and sub-locations. Quickly browse by location using our navigation menu.


Track upcoming shipments, attach waybills, and record the location and contact for every shipment. Add the shipment to the Calendar, set a reminder, and never miss a delivery.


The calendar records all events related to the collection. View and manage loans, shipments, exhibitions, and more. Add calendar invites and reminders – never miss an event again.


Use one of the available templates to create all the labels you need to organize and manage the collections. Include images, text, and barcodes.


Provide secure access for each client to view their collection in a beautiful dedicated area. Present their information in detail, including multiple images.


We’re here to help with all your registrarial needs. Whether you’re looking for in-depth support on a specific project, or just have a question, our team of professional registrars is available by phone and email.