Collector Systems: cloud-based collection management software

With over 2,600 Users, Collector Systems is the leading cloud-based solution.

Elegant, Easy, Powerful, and Secure.

Collector Systems is the leading cloud-based collection management software. Watch a brief introductory video to find out more.



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Collector Systems provides a full suite of features to help manage all types of collections.

No Hardware Installation

With our cloud-based system, you will never have to download or install software locally. We regularly improve our program with new features throughout the year, and we deliver them to you for free, seamlessly – all you have to do is login.


Collector Systems utilizes some of the most advanced technologies available for Internet security.

Unlimited storage space

With unlimited storage space, you can store all the digital records for your collection in one place. Upload all images and documents relating to your collection. Attach invoices, installation instructions, and always have a copy of your insurance certificate when you need it.


Know where your art is at all times using the extensive Location feature. Make your records precise by adding layers to record the exact floor, room, or shelf. When updating locations, date and time stamp all entries for up-to-the-moment, real-time event logs. Moving more than one item? Use the batch update tool to simply and efficiently update the location of multiple objects in one step.

Condition & Conserve

Make note of the condition of every item in your collection. Upload and attach supporting condition reports and images for each entry. Easily view all conservation treatments and assessments over time, and maintain accurate and up-to-date treatment priority lists.

Browse and Search

Find what you are looking for quickly and easily with our user-friendly navigation. You can simply browse by artist, location, and collection to view pieces. Or, you can use the search to locate specific items, on any number of criteria.


We make it simple to track every financial aspect of a collection. Include detailed records for the acquisition, valuation, insurance, and sale of an item.


Be prepared for that worst-case scenario, and work with your insurance company to provide accurate, up-to-the-moment coverage for every piece in your collection. Easily update the current insurance values for all objects, and maintain accurate policy coverage. Upload a copy of your policy to the securest place possible – your Collector Systems account.

Global Currencies

Record all your financial information – acquisitions, sales, and valuations – in any domestic or foreign currency. Use the built-in currency convertor, powered by OANDA, to instantly convert foreign currencies within your account.


Select from a variety of templates and add your own custom details to create any report that you need. Print beautiful catalog sheets with large images, or run lists for an inventory report. Take full advantage of the extensive tools available and build condition reports with multiple images, loan agreements with cover sheets and addendums, full financial statements with totals, and more. The possibilities are endless.
Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps allow you to truly make your collection mobile. Securely access your collection information at any time, anywhere.visit the app store


We’re here to help with all your support needs. Whether you’re looking for in-depth support on a specific project, or just have a question, our team of professional registrars are available by phone and email.