Power. Security. Simplicity. Now at your fingertips.

Collector Systems mobile apps bring the power and simplicity of our cloud-based system straight to your mobile device. From condition reporting to barcode scanning to update object locations, taking care of your collection wherever you are, whenever you need, is now easier than ever.

Instant access. Immediate clarity.

With Collector Systems, you can know what is in your collection at all times.

Our streamlined interface lets you easily view all information about each object, and to associate multiple images, documents, and additional data to capture the “full picture” of each object in your collection.

Condition Reporting.

Free yourself from your desk.

The days of jotting down notes on paper and rushing back to the office to enter the data are now relics of the past. Directly create condition reports on-site, upload and annotate images to highlight condition issues.

Object tracking

Capture all object locations in real time

Wherever you are – at home, in the office, in the warehouse, or anywhere else – you can view the current location of all objects in your collection and update locations on the go. Real-time location tracking promotes best practices in managing your collection.

New object?

We're very excited, too.

Why wait to enter a new object until you get to a computer?

Do it right on your phone as you place your winning bid on the auction floor.

Reports on the fly

We've got you covered.

Whether you’re running around town conducting appraisals or jogging between departments for an upcoming exhibition, create reports straight from mobile app and share them with your clients and colleagues without delay.

Barcode & QR code scanning.

Fast and reliable.

Keeping track of each and every incoming or outgoing object can be a pain – and too often prone to errors. Scan the unique barcode or QR code associated with each object and update its location directly in your account. The batch update tool allows you to easily update the location of multiple objects simultaneously.

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