Private Collections

Customize Collector Systems to fit your unique collection.

Manage your collection securely and privately. Whether you’re looking for an easy, user-friendly system or gearing up to take your collection to the next level with valuation history, loans, and insurance policy management, we’ve got you covered.

Choose what you need, and wave goodbye to the rest.

Easily add and remove features at any time

Explore our customization options! We can hide unnecessary fields, organize tabs, add custom user-defined fields, and create tailored reports.

Feeling overwhelmed by excess fields and tabs? Easily declutter with our intuitive Hide/Show & Reorder feature!

Unlock Your Collection’s Potential

Collector Systems delivers immediate access to robust tools and unparalleled support. Easily maintain your financial records, seamlessly log acquisition, valuation, insurance, and objects.

The system is suitable for any type of object you collect, with modules for Art, Wine, Clothing, Cars, Jewelry, and more. Generate tailored reports for insurance or share essential object information with our customizable report feature. Share your objects securely with our online Private Gallery.

Simplify your collection management on any device.

Ready to get going?

Contacts & Inventory Tracking

Track the whereabouts of every item in your collection, including complete location histories. Manage active loans and shipments, simplify your address book, and easily connect vendors, institutions, and clients to events. Access all your details at the click of a button.

Woman holding iPhone in front a piece of art

Access Your Collection From Anywhere

Experience the convenience of our mobile app, providing easy access to vital information on the go for acquisitions, insurance, condition, artists, and your entire collection – right at your fingertips.

Seamless Navigation

Our user-friendly interface makes browsing your collection a breeze. Browse, organize, and explore effortlessly.

Financial & Insurance Records

View the valuation history of any object at any time. We make it simple to track all financial information for your collection. Include detailed records for the acquisition, valuation, insurance, and sale of an item. Upload financial documents like your invoices and insurance schedule to the most secure place possible – your Collector Systems account.

Track all of your finances in one place, including:

Valuation History, Expense tracking, Acquisitions, Insurance policies, including notifications.


Moving from a legacy system?

Our dedicated migration team is at your service. We excel at sorting, organizing, and seamlessly transferring your data from any previous system or format into Collector Systems.

Expert Support, Always Included

From onboarding training to continued support, count on our support team to guide you every step of the way. They are only a message away and always included, free of charge.

Security You Can Trust

Rest easy knowing your collection is protected. Collector Systems is SOC 2 Type II certified and utilizes some of the most advanced technologies available for Internet security: 256-bit encryption over a TSL 1.2 HTTPS connection, mandatory two-factor authentication, around-the-clock backups, and a team of support professionals on call.

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