Collector Systems for anyone.

Tailor your Collector Systems account to accommodate collections of any scale and help manage one client or multiple, all within one system.

Customizable Collection Management

Every art collection is unique. Our system is flexible to meet the specific needs of any type of collection.

Fully Searchable, Reportable User-Defined Fields

While our extensive set of fields and features accommodates the needs of most of our clients, we also offer a set of customizable, fully searchable, user-defined fields.


Need to catalog more than just an art collection?

We have classifications available for Art, Archives, History, Biology, Paleontology, Geology, Jewelry, Clothes, Cars, Wine, Archaelogy, and Ethnology.

Tailored Solutions

Let us streamline your experience by hiding unnecessary fields and tabs, populate controlled vocabularies, adding personalized user-defined fields, constructing tailored reports, and more.

Overwhelmed by too many fields and tabs? Effortlessly declutter your interface with our intuitive Hide/Show & Reorder feature.

Diverse Client Management

CS offers a few different options to help you manage your client’s collection.

CS Core

CS Enterprise

Strategic Collection Management

Understand your collection trends: Transform collection management with our financial tools.

Your Collector Systems account simplifies collection management with built-in metrics detailing acquisition year, artist, location, medium, object type, and category. Real-time graphics illustrate acquisition totals, appraised values, and insured values.

Comprehensive Financial Details

Effortlessly record comprehensive financial details for each object, encompassing acquisition costs, expenses, appraisals, and sales.

The built-in tools streamline data entry and review, ensuring simplicity and accuracy in your work.


Easily customize and print reports

We make it easy for you to run and customize reports for any reason.

Select from our pre-designed templates, add your details, & craft tailored reports like inventory checklists, loan agreements, financial summaries, & more.

Export to either PDF or Microsoft Word.

Export to Excel

We also offer the ability to export to Excel with or without images for more in-depth financial reporting.

Need assistance with a specific report? Our Support Team is ready to help!

Easily Check Financials

Stay connected on-the-go as an art advisor with our iOS or Android app.

Easily check financials, update information, and run reports, including financials and inventory checklists. Share reports instantly via message, email, or airdrop.


Add new pieces in real-time and update conditions. Quickly access past purchase prices. Empower collectors to log into their accounts, offering autonomy.

Our iOS or Android app simplifies your workflow, letting you manage collections from anywhere.

Keep your data secure

Security Assurance: SOC 2 Type II Certified.

Let us take care of your data. Experience robust data protection, including 15-minute backups stored across geographically diverse data centers, 70 days of asset retention, and user-friendly security features such as Single Sign-On, Mandatory 2-Factor Authentication, and Custom Access Controls.

Moving from a legacy system?

Let our team of registrars do the data migration for you.