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Cloud-based Collection Management

Transform your collections management effortlessly with Collector Systems—the ultimate solution for museums, historic homes, foundations, archives, and more.

Collector Systems is the leading cloud-based collection management solution for managing fine art, furniture, decorative arts, and more. For more detailed documentation, we have an Art Museum module with expanded fields.

Collector Systems provides sophisticated tools for easily maintaining standardized records in archives and historical collections.

Modules tailored for the demands of natural history collections empower you to keep all your data organized and accessible, with built-in tools for full and precise taxonomic classification.

For fieldwork, research, and management, Collector Systems provides the complete cataloging solution for archaeological and ethnological collections.

Simplify collections management with built-in workflow

Take charge of collections management with built-in workflow for every process: Entry, Acquisitions, Exit, Deaccession, Disposal, Condition, Conservation, Exhibitions, Loans, Shipments, Publications, Valuations, Insurance, Repatriation, and more.

Collector Systems is Spectrum compliant, which is the UK museum collections management standard that is also used around the world.

Mobile Version of CS with Multiple Classifications of Objects


At Collector Systems, we understand that every collection is unique. That’s why we offer a turnkey CMS that can be tailored to meet your collection’s specific needs.


Need to catalog more than just an art collection? We have classifications available for Art, Archives, History, Biology, Paleontology, Geology, Jewelry, Clothes, Cars, Wine, Archaelogy, and Ethnology. Customize your account for your collection. Have more than one classification? No problem. CS accommodates various types of objects in a single account, eliminating the need for separate systems!

Fully Searchable, Reportable User-Defined Fields

While our extensive set of fields and features accommodates the needs of most of our clients, we also offer a set of customizable, fully searchable, user-defined fields.

Tailored Solutions

Let us streamline your experience by hiding unnecessary fields and tabs, populate controlled vocabularies, adding personalized user-defined fields, constructing tailored reports, and more. Overwhelmed by too many fields and tabs? Effortlessly declutter your interface with our intuitive Hide/Show & Reorder feature.

Image of an Iphone with CS in front an artwork


Built-in access to Chenall’s Nomenclature 4.0, ITIS, Getty AAT and ULAN. Introduction of specialist lexicons including Paleobiology DB, GCMS, OBIS, SESAR, ZooBank, ASMIS and GDB.


Track the precise location of everything in your collection.

Structured Location Hierarchy

Locations are organized as a tree, allowing for unlimited sub-locations to capture the precise inventory of each object.

Detailed Object Location Fields

Capture specific location details and keep track of who moved an object and when, including the current and permanent (home) location, status, inventory date, contact name, and memo.

Efficient Record Management

Streamline record browsing and sorting, maintain automatic location history, and include comprehensive historical data in reports for a complete overview.

Update Locations Anywhere

Use our mobile app to easily update the locations of any object, whether that is on the museum floor or in storage.

Report Generator

Reports how you need them. Easily create custom reports and templates.

Dynamic Report Generator

Our intuitive report generator empowers users to create a diverse range of custom reports and saved templates. Built with accessibility and versatility in mind, this tool allows you to generate reports on any dataset, based on search criteria, filters, grouping, record type (exhibition, loan, etc.), or the entire collection.

Illustrated Reports

Express your collection vividly with illustrated reports. Whether it’s conservation reports, condition reports, loan reports, insurance reports, or more, Collector Systems offers a seamless way to generate visually engaging documentation.

Deed of Gift Report






Update, Create & Manage with ease

Access your collection anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

Update locations, create condition reports, and manage your collection with ease from the comfort of your office, home, or even on the go with our iOS or Android app.

Transforming how you share your collection online

Amplify Your Impact

Make a lasting impression by sharing your collection with a global audience. Collector Systems offers our WordPress Theme and Plugin, designed to enhance your digital footprint and engage a wider audience.


At Collector Systems, we’re committed to exceptional support. New team members or in need of a refresher? Enjoy complimentary web training sessions with our dedicated Support Team.

Contact us easily via email, phone, or web meeting (Zoom) for all your collections management needs. Plus, explore our user-friendly Knowledge Base for quick answers and step-by-step tutorials!

Need help moving over your data?

Allow our team of registrars to handle your data migration. We will collaborate with you to extract information from your old system and seamlessly transfer it into your new account, ensuring a smooth transition with a fresh set of data, including documents and images.

Security you can trust

Your collection’s security is our priority. Collector Systems ensures that your data is safe, giving you peace of mind.

Easily define who sees what in your collection.

You decide who gets invited and maintain the ability to revoke access at any time. The user is invited to set up their own username and password to access the group. Customize which fields are available for each object, keeping private information private.

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