Corporations & Family Offices

Collector Systems makes collection management easy.

Customize your Collector Systems account for your Family Office and streamline your management process.


Know your collecting trends and plan for the future

Your Collector Systems account includes built-in metrics illustrating how each collection breaks down by acquisition year, artist, location, medium, object type, and category.

Clear graphics update in real-time to show how the acquisition totals, current appraised values, and current insured values of all objects are distributed.


Revolutionize how you manage your collection assets with our comprehensive suite of financial tools.

Record all financial information for each object, including acquisition costs, expenses, appraisal, and sale information. Built-in tools streamline financial data entry and review, making your work easy and accurate.

Create custom, purpose-built reports for all financial data. Produce annual financial overviews and replicate insurance schedule documents.


On the go?

Our iOS or Android app allows you to streamline your workflow and manage your collection from anywhere.


Easily customize and print reports

We make it easy for you to add material to create bespoke reports for any purpose.

Choose from our ready-made templates, add your own details, and create custom reports such as inventory checklists, loan agreements, financial summaries, and more.

Questions about creating a specific report? Our Support Team is available to assist you.

Keep your data secure

Security Assurance: SOC 2 Type II Certified

Discover how Collector Systems employs cutting-edge technology for top-notch Internet security.

Data Protection at its Best

User-Friendly Security Features

Custom Access Controls

Learn more about Collector Systems’ commitment to data security and control.

Moving from a legacy system?

Let our team of registrars do the data migration for you. We’ll work with you to extract your data from your legacy system and populate your new account with a clean set of information, including documents and images.

Effortless Family Collection Management

Experience the freedom of organized and controlled family collection management with Collector Systems.

Keep all historical records safe and easily accessible

Visualize Every Detail:

Collaborate & Share

CS has the tools to make complex collections management an easy and enjoyable experience, with powerful reporting, built-in metrics, and elegant ways to share your collection.

With the Private Gallery feature, you can select objects to share with members of the family, the management team, or fiduciaries to assist with planning and decision-making.

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